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We’re a trusted health and safety consultancy that enables businesses to maximise best practice in the workplace. Based in Wirral and working with clients in Chester, Merseyside, Liverpool and across the North West, our mission is to give you everything you need to work in a safe, confident and compliant way.

We work with sole traders and limited companies

DPC Consultants specialises in supporting commercial companies within the manufacturing, industrial and construction sectors, which allows us to play an active role in raising levels of excellence in a variety of industrial settings. We also work closely with sole traders such as plumbers, electricians and builders, providing them with the highest standard of bespoke consultancy in all areas of health and safety.

Reasons to choose DPC Consultants

We understand that you need reassurance and confirmation that choosing us for health and safety consultancy is the right decision, so here are a few facts to put your mind at ease:



Managing and safely running construction projects throughout various industries



Managing and coordinating complex projects within the nuclear industry



Working as Appointed Person and Subject Matter Expert in asbestos management

Practical knowledge gained from implementing UK legislation in construction and industrial maintenance

Extensive knowledge base covering all UK legislation and regulations

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Despite health and safety being a top priority for UK businesses, statistics published by the Health and Safety Executive shed light on just how many workplaces lack the proper procedures and systems. For instance, the following figures are a real eye-opener and highlight the need for bespoke health and safety consultancy:

health and safety consultancy

How DPC Consultants can help

Our services have been specifically designed to tackle the problems faced by all kinds of commercial businesses within the manufacturing, industrial and construction sectors. Through suitable analysis, training, consultancy and watertight systems, we’ll equip your business with everything it requires to remain safe, responsible and compliant.

Our services include policies and procedures, risk assessments, health and safety documents, asbestos management and bespoke workplace support. The result is total clarity and accessibility in regard to all aspects of health and safety, which facilitates employee engagement, clear communication, individual accountability, and safe working practices across the board.

DPC Consultants
DPC Consultants

A lasting investment

The core purpose of our consultancy service is of course to protect you and your employees from harm. People are the single most important part of any business, which includes staff, customers, end users, and members of the public who are within the vicinity of your construction site or industrial facility.

However, there are many other benefits that come from bespoke health and safety consultancy, such as:

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