Why your business needs policies and procedures

Whilst fixing a problem is great, such as removing asbestos and carrying out a risk assessment, the businesses that receive the greatest return on investment are those that want to embed health and safety at the centre of their infrastructure. Policies and procedures are designed to ensure that problems are prevented and all staff understand how to carry out their duties in a safe and responsible manner.

Bespoke health and safety systems

The policies and procedures that should be in place are entirely dependent on the type of tasks and working environments associated with your business. Whilst there will be numerous best practice guidelines that apply to all kinds of industrial facilities, your company also requires a comprehensive approach to health and safety that covers all the bases.

For instance, there may be types of machinery, equipment and workspaces within your facility that need an expert’s eye in order to create thorough health and safety policies and procedures. In doing so, you can rest assured that all of your workers will understand how to operate equipment safely and play an active role in protecting the welfare of everyone on the premises.

Examples of policies and procedures

DPC Consultants will help you to identify any unique health and safety policies and procedures that need creating or amending in order to ensure compliance. The following list isn’t exhaustive but it gives a good idea of the types of areas our health and safety experts will analyse:

Company Policies and Procedures

Electrical safety

As well as maintaining safe working practices around machinery, the electrical systems in place need to be up to scratch with current legislation.

Company Policies and Procedures

Everyday hazards

These include the layout of your premises, accessibility and movement, physical storage systems, and any potential hazards that need to be removed.

Company Policies and Procedures

Equipment and machinery

From large plant machinery to smaller types of equipment that are used within your industrial or commercial site, we’ll inspect your working practices to determine whether any improvements are required.

Company Policies and Procedures

Hazardous substances

Your staff need to be fully trained in the safe storage, usage, containment and transportation of any hazardous substances used on your site. These can include chemicals, oils, water-based products and any other materials that are used either frequently or on an intermittent basis. Spill containment, ventilation, worker safety and environmental protection are all crucial aspects.

Health and safety systems

Your bespoke policies and procedures will also include clear and comprehensive details of how to minimise, report, manage and remove risks. This will include whose responsibility it is to ensure policies are followed and actions to put in place where required. In addition, an official reporting system needs to be in place so that any issues are documented and acted upon in a timely fashion and in line with company policy.

Accidents and emergencies

In the event of an accident or emergency, your policies and procedures will outline who is responsible for managing them and how to go about it. This enables individuals and departments to be prepared, responsive and confident if an accident or emergency were to occur.

Environmental protection

Sole traders and companies alike are putting extra emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable working practices. DPC Consultants are highly experienced at helping businesses to operate in a more green, responsible and proactive way that protects the planet from avoidable contaminants and carbon emissions.

COVID-19 policies

Most businesses already have COVID-19 systems in place that protect staff from the risk of infection. However, if you feel that improvement is needed in order to ensure safety and wellbeing in your workplace well into the future, we can help you to roll out fine-tuned policies and procedures that have employee welfare at their core.

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