How to prepare a suitable Risk Assessment

It is a legal requirement to prepare an adequate Risk Assessment for any task under Regulation 3 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

You have to formally record this Risk Assessment if you have 5 or more employees under this regulation, however best practice suggests to formally record this Risk Assessment and any changes made to it.

It is not a legal requirement to undertake a Method Statement for the task, however best practice guidance is to always carry out a Method Statement. This encourages the person preparing the documentation to think about the logical steps in undertaking the task and any risks that may be found when the individual(s) are performing or carrying out the work.

Its always best to think about the main hazards and risks when preparing these documents. It is recommended that all risks are documented in the RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement) and scored appropriately.

Before undertaking the preparation of these documents, it’s a good idea to create a scoring matrix (usually 5 x 5- example attached to this post). This is a scoring hierarchy of risks which includes the likelihood of the hazard becoming a viable risk to the workforce VS the severity of the impact this risk will have on the workforce. For example being electrocuted will score highly on the severity matrix in comparison to slips, trips and falls. However slips, trips and falls will score more highly on the likelihood of occurrence (relative to the task of course).

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