If creating content is so terrible, why do I secretly love it?

New year, new content, new posts. These are the words I’ve been telling myself over and over during the Christmas break.

I always try and post original content on Social Media and I suppose that shouldn’t change in my newsletters or blogs! I like to use various themes throughout the months to try and get my ideas and my thoughts across to people.

One of the main things I like to talk about on social media and in real life (believe it or not), is how and why businesses should look at reducing accidents in the workplace. This is all part of how a health and safety management system works and how it is implemented throughout each company.

This isn’t a horizontal pitch that can be implemented over night though. It takes time and a small investment up front. The main thing with safety (particularly the HEALTH part of H&S) Is to get your staff to buy in to what you’re trying to achieve.

As a business owner, manager, leader, supervisor, employee, contractor… whatever your role is! Health and Safety only really works, I mean truly, when the information and thoughts are cascaded DOWN the organisational structure, not pushed up. The important part of my role is to help show people (no matter what job title) that every level in the organisation has a role to play.

It’s essential that management/leaders understand how the health and safety management system works. This can be really straightforward if the system is aligned or integrated within the overall business management system. Whether that’s digital, locally saved, hardcopies, whatever works best really. We want to make life as easy as possible for business owners, particularly SMEs, That’s why I started helping SME businesses owners really- I can make the greatest impact and they can feel the greatest rewards.

One of the greatest parts of my role when looking into an organisation’s health and safety is providing pure, unobstructed TRANSPARENCY. I’ve always worked in this way, I provide almost a running commentary on everything I do. All the work I undertake comes with information and explanations should anyone need them.

Long gone are the days where health and safety was a dark art.

Cut through the bullsh*t of health and safety and get down to brass tax;

I help people stay safe.

It requires no more explanation.

Some think it’s a mammoth task, but they’re the exception not the rule. All we really need is a small investment, attitude adjustments and an appreciation of the law then we have a real shot at keeping people safe.

Your safety is my priority,


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