My guide for raising a glass to 2021

Christmas this year was great. What a lovely break. 

I took a good few days off. I mean it was only a few yes- the beauty of it was I kind of didn’t have a choice! With so much planned and so many people to see, you naturally concentrate on the ‘now’ and everyone is overwhelmed with the festive spirit.

I’m always thinking about work. Well if not work then something business related. How can I advance myself and my business to the next level? How can I do things differently and change things up? 

My iPhone is full of notes about all of these things. I forget sometimes how much I actually write down. I also find notes and scraps of paper with all my ideas and great plans laid out. I have so many note books dotted around the house- all packed with random ideas, notes and my ‘grand plans’.

I love to write, bullet point, sketch and draw things however my brain imagines these things. If a stranger looked at these it would be complete random nonsense. But to me it makes perfect sense and I love it!

So 2022, what does this mean to me and everything I’m about?! Well I have plans, big plans and kind of unknown plans. What that means is I have a decent idea of what I want to do- but I’m not 100% sure how it will be delivered. 

Luckily I’ve just had my website re-designed and it makes complete sense to my audience now. My old website was fine, nothing necessarily wrong with it. But it wasn’t optimised for conversions or very user friendly at all!!! This should be going live in a few weeks time.

Now it’s bold, simple and full of amazing text/posts. This will be the cornerstone of everything I roll out, particularly in Q1 and Q2 of 2022!

So what is in store for me and my business in 2022 I hear you ask?

We’ve got some huge Asbestos Management courses, training pieces and tonnes of free information being released in the next few months. We’ll be working on the development of Asbestos Management Plans and general principles of Asbestos Management.

I’m going to be running challenges and workshops where I talk you through some crucial elements and then we’ll work through the information together. Basically you’ll be getting a ridiculous amount of free information and I’ll help you along set it up and implement it!

I’m also going to be setting strict targets that I want to achieve throughout the year. These are kind of personal and specific to my business so it will mean nothing to share them here. 

A massive part of what I’ll be focusing on is during Q2 where I’m going to be leaving my full time job. As some of you may know I’ve been pushing my ‘side hustle’ business whilst working 30-40 hours every week. 

I can proudly say I’m very excited to be leaving this job in early 2022. 

Needless to say I’m absolutely bricking it! All these things going round my head. Doubts and questions whether I’m making the right decision. 

It all comes down to this- I’m not happy in my current job. There’s only so much time and money I can put up with. So I’m leaving. I’m leaving to pursue my dream. My dream and obsession of helping people. 

I don’t get to help people where I work. So I’m leaving to help people through my own business. 

We help businesses keep people safe and we help them stay compliant with UK health & safety law. 

Here’s to the future (clink of the champagne glass). Want to take your Health & Safety to the next level? Book a FREE audit with us now