Prevent accidents in your workplace

A risk assessment by a third-party health and safety consultant is a strong investment in immediate and long-term compliance. It can be easy for a business to overlook certain health and safety shortfalls or simply not have the specialist knowledge in place, which is why we’re here to carry out an in-depth inspection that will uncover any hazards and risk factors.

Risk analysis and evaluation

When carrying out a risk assessment, we take into account all of the situations, processes and ways of working present in your workplace. This comprehensive and unbiased approach ensures that no stone is left unturned and any threats to the welfare of your workers are identified.

If any hazards are found, subsequent risk analysis and evaluation helps us to determine the most appropriate way to either eliminate them or put in place a risk control system. As a result, your employees can carry out their tasks in line with your company procedures and prevent accidents from occurring.

Risk Assessments
Risk Assessments

We work with all types of businesses

The team at DPC Consultants specialises in providing health and safety consultancy to companies within the manufacturing, industrial and construction sectors. We also work with smaller businesses, such as contractors and sole traders that provide electrical, plumbing and building services. However, any business looking for a professional risk assessment is welcome to get in touch, as we’re committed to supporting and enhancing health and safety in every sector.

Booking a risk assessment is the best way to check whether there are any areas of your day-to-day operations that require improvement. Sometimes it could be that a major hazard is immediately visible to our trained eye, although it’s often a case of relatively small issues that are hard to detect, yet which could cause significant harm if left unchecked. Whatever kind of working environments you have, we recommend getting in touch to find out more about our risk assessment service.

Bespoke risk assessments

We can review and update your existing risk assessments for a variety of tasks, ranging from the installation and operation of machinery to excavation works, general office duties and any public-facing spaces on your premises.

This gives you complete peace of mind that every area of your industrial or commercial site has been analysed by a professional health and safety consultancy. We’ll then help you to decide how to fix any problems and prevent accidents and emergencies from happening in the future.

Method statements

Whilst a risk assessment identifies any risks involved when using specific machinery or carrying out certain tasks, a method statement details exactly how to do so in a safe and responsible way. The method statement will include any precautions that apply, such as relevant PPE, instructions for safe operation, and how to prevent faults and accidents.

The method statement breaks the individual task down into clear steps and highlights any risks associated with each one. It will also explain how to deal with any by-products created by the task in question, such as the safe disposal of waste materials.

Method statements complement risk assessments by offering much more detailed instructions and explaining how to implement relevant measures. In other words, risk assessments identify and assess hazards, whereas method statements talk the worker through how to avoid them.

We can create both risk assessments and method statements for every area of your business. By working closely with you to write bespoke documents, you’ll have everything in place to protect your workers from injury and harm.

Risk Assessments

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